Tuesday 14th July 2020 COVID-19 Response


Our huge thanks to all participants and families who came in to spend part of their school holidays in one (or more!) of our workshops. Special thanks to all the volunteers who assisted staff with running the activities; without their hard work this wouldn’t have been possible. Here are some highlights:

Calligraphy Cube

Participants painted their names in Arabic onto their wooden cubes to take home.

Shakeel Tariq came in to hold his successful Calligraphy Cube workshop, where participants got to learn the basics of the Arabic alphabet and practiced painting their desired words or names in Arabic on paper cube templates. After that, they painted the final design on wooden cubes to take home and enjoy adding a handmade spark to their interior decor. It was a delight to see a broad range of age groups participating this workshop!


Book reading with our local authors


Fun book reading session for children and their parents 🙂

This year we had two separate book reading sessions with our local authors, George Green and Amal Abou-Eid. George Green held ‘Make Me a Champion!’ workshop where he talked about childhood heroes and his book series. After the book reading session children got to craft their very own hero masks!

Amal Abou-Eid led the ‘My Muslim Mate’ workshop, sharing the story of how friendships can flourish through listening and talking about each others cultures. This book reading session was followed by a fun craft activity.


Colours Under the Sea

The ancient art of wet felting taught by one of the featured artists at the Australian Muslim Artists exhibition, Maya Kriem. Look at that wizard!

This workshop was filled with pleasant surprises! Participants of various ages – from primary school children to seniors – came over and made their own coral-inspired vessels. By using water, soap, wool and their own hands, layers of wet felt were made before shaping them into gorgeous vessels. Thank you to artist Maya Kriem for preserving and teaching us this ancient art technique!


More exciting workshops!

LEGO, BubbleMania & Slippery Slime and Noah’s Origami workshops were huge successes! Children crafted huge bubbles and buckets of slime with two science teachers (wearing awesome lab coats). Other participants made a handful of animals folded by origami papers, filling up their sheets of coloured-in boats. The LEGO workshop was a full house with young inventors designing their own version of planes and cameras.

Last but not least, Arabic Rubix Cube, Kaleidoscope and Terracotta Pot Decorating workshops had keen participants eager to learn and develop new hands-on skills with patience and care. Thank you to everyone who came during their school holidays – we hope to see you again for our January school holiday program.

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