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SalamFest is a Muslim arts festival that’ll take place in Melbourne’s iconic Federation Square on 26 -28 October 2018.

A message from our friends at SalamFest!

SalamFest is establishing itself as a unique experience of artistic and cultural expression for all Victorians to enjoy. They will be having international guests including the Imam and monitor of Jerusalem.

SalamFest is an opportunity for Australians to immerse themselves in new cultures and experiences. The objective of this festival is to invite the entire community of Melbourne to celebrate, experience and enjoy the long standing artistic offerings of Muslim culture and heritage. These are based on the universal values of love and compassion which encompasses peace, unity and equality and lives the true spirit of Multiculturalism. The festival is free and they’d love to invite you to come and be part of the festival. The key events are:

  • SalamFeast Dinner – 25th October 2018 
  • Jummah Prayer – 1:30PM, 26th October 2018 and meeting with Sheikh Mazen Ahram Imam and Murraqib (Monitor) of all Mosques in Jerusalem
  • Sacred Geometry Arts Competition Prize Awarding – 1PM, 27th October 2018
  • Stumped” an award winning theatrical performance by National Academy of Performing Arts based on a comedy about an India Pakistan Final world cup game in Melbourne
  • Qawwali Performance by World’s best Qawwali groups – 7PM, 27th October 2018 
  • Abrahamic Connections – 1PM, 28th October 2018 at St Peters Church
    • Recitation of Latin Bible and Arabic Qur’an, followed by Adhan by Sheikh Ala


SalamFest will have 22 International guests, artists, performers for SalamFest 2018 including:

  • Sheikh Mazen Ahram (Imam and Murraqib (Monitor) of all Mosques in Jerusalem)
  • Fareed Ayaz and Abu Muhammad Qawwals (Delhi Gharana)
  • National Academy of Performing Arts theatre group
  • Daastangoi, oral tradition of story telling
  • Sindhi and Balochi performer
  • Punk Sufi

For more information visit: www.salamfest.com

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