The life of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ will be highlighted in new temporary exhibition at the Museum this summer. See 3D models of places and events of significance during the era of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ including:

  • Al Madina Al Munawarah, displaying tribe locations, the route of the Prophet’s camel, the house of Abu Ayyub Al-Ansari, the mountains, the Battle of the Trench location and more
  • Al Masjid Al Nabawy displaying the room of Aesha and the first Qibla.
  • The Prophet’s house
  • Mecca in the time of the Prophetic Mission, displaying the Ka’ba, mountains, valleys, Al Bayt Al Haram and more
  • Battle of Badr
  • Prophet Muhammad’s ﷺ migration route to Medina

Book a tour for your school group to see this exhibition in Term One.