Islam is a global religion. It is represented by a rich diversity of peoples, cultures and societies transcending all geographical boundaries. While Muslims have migrated to Australia since the 1860s (or earlier), over a third are Australian-born. This means Australian Muslims are not a homogeneous group, but they make up a culturally diverse portion of our population. This diversity brings a whole host of interesting stories, life experiences, and positive contributions to society.

These first-hand accounts of Australian Muslims are the missing voices in the collective consciousness, buried beneath public misconceptions about Islam. Misleading media headlines which promote negative stereotypes of Australian Muslims have created a climate of Islamophobia, discrimination and hate.

Over the course of twelve months, the Islamic Museum of Australia collected the deeply personal oral histories of 70 Australian Muslims from all walks of life across Victoria. Their emotional testimonies of triumph, grief, resilience and belonging have formed a detailed archive of the contemporary Australian Muslim experience.

Curated by the Islamic Museum of Australia, Missing Voices presents these testimonies through painting, illustration, video, photography and text. The exhibition is a platform for Australian Muslims to share their stories in their own words and with their own voices. To be humanised. To be heard.

Visit the exhibition at the Islamic Museum of Australia, 15 Anderson Rd, Thornbury, VIC. On now until 16 July 2021. Or, you can view our online exhibition here.

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