‘Boundless Plains’ unearths the fascinating legacy of Australia’s Islamic history and the impact it has had on contemporary Australia.

In 2011 at the Museum’s inception, Founder, Moustafa Fahour OAM; along with General Manager, Ashraf Naim; Documentarian, Jehad Dabab; and award-winning Photographer, Peter Gould, journeyed to key destinations along the timeline of Australia’s Muslim connection. From the Deep-North’s Indigenous records of early Makassan visitors, to central cameleer townships, the men traversed trade routes of the 1800s, visited Australia’s first mosques, and discovered the economic and civil exploits of a wealth of 20th century migrants.

‘Boundless Plains’ presents a photographic record of their passage, explicating the story of Islam’s extensive historical impact in Australia, while showcasing the heritage and diversity of Australian Muslims amongst the country’s magnificent landscapes.