Australian Muslim Artists is an annual shortlisted exhibition that provides a valuable platform for upcoming and established artists to share their work. This year, 17 artworks by contemporary artists from across the country are presented in a physical exhibition and online gallery.

Covid-19 has had, and continues to have dire social and economic impacts on the arts. But, this darkness has fostered a renaissance as artists experienced radical changes to their creative practices and found new ways of working. As supporting Muslim artists is integral to the Islamic Museum of Australia’s mission, the exhibition is being presented during an important time as the world turns to the arts for solidarity, expression and entertainment more than ever before.

Responding to personal feelings or events, artists explore spirituality, isolation, conflict and nostalgia through an impressive catalogue of painting, digital design, calligraphy, photography, installation and video. Experimental and reflective, the shortlisted works uniquely capture shared experiences to which we all have a personal connection.

For the third consecutive year, the Islamic Museum of Australia welcomes the fruitful collaboration with La Trobe University and acknowledges their generous sponsorship of the Australian Muslim Artists Art Prize.



AMA2021 Art Prize Recipient

Fatima Killeen

The Crooked Narrative, 2021

Collograph print on paper

85x 60cm