Curated by the Islamic Museum of Australia and sponsored by La Trobe University, Australian Muslim Artists is an annual shortlisted exhibition providing a valuable platform for emerging and established artists to showcase their talent and exhibit their works.

For the second year, the Museum welcomes this fruitful collaboration with La Trobe University and acknowledges their generous sponsorship of the Australian Muslim Artists Art Prize. This partnership is borne out of a shared commitment to strengthening cultural awareness and social inclusion through education, research and the arts.

This interdisciplinary exhibition features 18 Australian artists from diverse backgrounds. They have crafted an impressive array of contemporary art using varied media including paint, print, calligraphy, neon light, wood carving, photography, installation and moving picture.

Works displayed reflect the artist’s original concepts, styles and techniques. With no binding theme, the participants express their views and distill their emotions through art. They explore themes of identity, politics, spirituality, and the impact of COVID-19. Each work presents a unique and thought-provoking visual interpretation from the artist’s perspective, impacting the viewer in a profound way.

View the online exhibition here.


Australian Muslim Artists Art Prize 2020 Recipient

Abdul-Rahman Abdullah

Transplants (Euphorbia, Monstera, Sansevieria)2019

Painted wood

103 x 70 x 70 cm