The weather's warming up!
No other symbol is quite as iconic as the Aussie surfboard. Join us in celebrating summer these school holidays by designing your own novelty surfboard in our Surf's Up! Art and Craft workshop. Participants will be provided will a 36cm tall plywood surfboard and a variety of materials. The wood has been left natural and unsealed for easy decorating. There's no limit to your creativity as you access paints, markers, pencils, fabrics, glue and other crafty bits and bobs in our fully-equipped workshop room. Your surfboard comes with a wooden stand, giving you the flexibility to display your finished work upright or horizontally. If you need some inspiration for your design, check out the Inshalla series in our Islamic Art Gallery. These sculptures by Australian artist Phillip George are inspired by the beauty in multiculturalism. They combine Australian beach culture and Islamic geometric art. Check out more of our upcoming events here.