Artist talk

  Natalie will also share her experience participating in the prestigious Sharjah Islamic Arts Festival, United Arab Emirates in 2017.

A strong advocate for the arts, she will discuss how to find your niche as an upcoming artist where participants will learn how to adapt their art to an exhibition brief or festival theme, multiple ways to interpret and represent Islamic and more. Join us in developing your professional career as an artist.

About the artist

  Natalie enjoys working with wool and experiencing its warm, tactile nature as a piece grows.

She believes her work challenges widely-held traditional perceptions of tapestry as quaint, domestic and conservative. Instead, her work presents the medium in a new and bold light.

She perceives her style of tapestry stitching as part of an artistic movement where her technique of applying wool to a needlepoint canvas has parallels to the way an artist applies paint to a canvas.

A degree in Landscape Architecture introduced her to the intricacies of flora, a subject which she explores in depth in her early work.

More recently, her travels to overseas destinations - particularly Morocco - inspire her designs.  As a result, we see beautiful floral and geometric patterns in her work.

Natalie Fisher needlepoint artist