Join us for a Sensory Artmaking session!
Research shows sensory artmaking is important for brain development. When a child touches an object, messages of information are sent through sensory nerves to the brain. This stimulates learning and understanding. Encourage your little ones to learn through their senses while exploring their creative expression. The colours, textures and scents evoked by the artworks in our Australian Muslim Artists 2021 exhibition will inspire the artmaking in this workshop. Squeeze, brush and press a variety of materials into your very own original artwork. Make something inspired by the crunchy texture and sweet smell of pomegranate in Fatima Killeen's collograph print, the floral fragrances roused by Fida Carrideo's garden painting, and the rugged textures of Anisa Sharif's Moroccan mosaic. The Islamic Museum of Australia recognises the importance of providing equitable access to all members of the community. Our Sensory Artmaking workshop is an equal access event catering to people with disability and/or neurodiversity. Mums and bubs, as well as children aged up to 7 years, are welcome at this workshop. The cost for this event includes:
  • Museum entry
  • Art and craft materials
  • 1 small coffee or tea from IMA Café
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