Prophet Noah, known as Nuh in the Qur'an, is one of many famous prophets of the Abrahamic religions. With the iconic ark that carried his followers and a pair of each animal! Some stories estimate that he may have had 1,500 animals on board his ship from various categories including amphibians, mammals and reptiles.
And We certainly sent Noah to his people, and he remained among them a thousand years minus fifty years, and the flood seized them while they were wrongdoers. But We saved him and the companions of the ship, and We made it a sign for the worlds. (29:14-15)

Sessions and Activities

Session 1: Who is Noah?
2 November

Learn about Noah's life before building the ark including how he became a prophet and his family tree. Using leaves we will be making our very own prophetic tree to learn the other significant prophets of Islam and his descendants that spread across multiple continents.

Session 2: Building the ark
9 November

How was the ark built to fit a variety of animals and the followers of Noah? How was Noah able to build it without an engineer or an architect? Who helped and guided him? Learn the answers to these questions and build your own version of Noah's ark.

Session 3: All Aboard!
16 November

The story of the Great Flood is found all over the world! Including the local Gurnaikurnai people in Victoria, the Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead and the Legend of Nu-u from Hawaii. Recount the numerous animals that boarded the ark to make origami animals from paper and add them to your ship!

Session 4: New beginnings
23 November

The Great Flood marked a new beginning for Noah, his followers and the animals! What happened after the flood and where did they land?