Prophetic Storytelling - the story of Creation. Among the five permanent galleries, the first gallery showcases the Islamic faith. The Prophetic Tree is part of this special gallery. This tree displays the names of twenty-five Prophets mentioned in the Quran. Despite their differences, Muslims, Jews and Christians are called the ‘Abrahamic religions' as Prophet Abraham is central in all. These religions mention the names of the twenty-five Prophets. Islam honours these noble men who came to guide humanity. Each Prophet holds a unique story, from Prophet Adam to Prophet Muhammad.
God created everything; from the mountains and seas to the sun and moon. Then, God created a man. He was named Adam.
Join us on the first of this series where we explore the story of Prophet Adam. Each session includes exciting hands-on activities. All parents are welcome! Please bring over your friends and family. **Children must have parental/carer supervision at all times** One ticket price covers the remaining three sessions. Thanks to: