Everyone is welcome to Dialogue Over Dinner. The event celebrates the beauty of interfaith in Melbourne through delicious food and talented speakers. Join MasterChef Amina Elshafei and Alice Zaslavsky in discussing their faith and cooking inspiration. Enjoy their delicious recipes sent to your door with a handful of spices. Learn how to keep connected with your community through the Covid-19 pandemic with community leader and author Mariam Issa. Please Note: Participants that have registered after 16 August, 2020 will not be receiving a recipe pack. Join us for Dialogue Over Dinner, dedicated to generating dialogue between people of faith through our communities and most importantly, food! More events here.

Guest presenters

profile photo of Mariam Issa Mariam Issa moved to suburban Melbourne from Somalia with her husband, four children and a fifth on the way. Far from her tight community in Somalia, Mariam found herself in a foreign country with a foreign language and culture. Similar to a butterfly emerging from a cocoon, she spent ten years going through depression, the victim phase, an anger phase, and finally, arriving at the activist phase. Through her powerful stories that tell her trials and tribulations, she has inspired countless women who have had similar experiences to stop seeing themselves as victims, but to see the butterfly within in order to achieve their fullest potential. Amina Elshafei is very proud of her Korean (from her mum) and Egyptian (from her dad) heritage. She and her sister, Eman, were born in Saudi Arabia but the family moved to Australia when Amina was four, and she has lived here ever since. In 2012, Amina was a contestant on MasterChef Australia, finishing in the top twelve and recently in 2020, finishing 17th. Viewers saw her for her warmth and generosity – she has been described as 'everyone's best friend'. These have been wonderful opportunities for her to pursue her cooking career and also to bring Korean and Egyptian cooking to national attention. Amina has written her cookbook Amina's Home Cooking, produced recipes for multiple publications, and been a guest demonstrator at food events and shows in Australia and internationally. She has recently become an new mum and continues to work as a nurse as well as pursuing her food career.   Alice Zaslavsky is a fresh voice in Australian food, recognised for her modern, accessible approach to cooking, penchant for puns and spectacular spectacles. She’s penned best-selling kids’ book, Alice’s Food A-Z, with her new book In Praise of Veg, for veg-curious grown-ups out in November. Alice served time as Food Editor for Melbourne's premier lifestyle glossy The Weekly Review, hosted television programs Kitchen Whiz, Crunch Time and Short Cut to Glory, and is the resident Culinary Correspondent for the ABC. She also won an Immunity Pin on MasterChef Australia. Alice has combined her breadth of experience across education, food media and the Creative Arts to found Phenomenom.com.au, a research-led, government and industry-funded, free digital tool-kit of videos, podcast and curriculum-aligned resources that helps teachers and parents to integrate food literacy and sustainability into every school subject. Follow Alice @aliceinframes

Event MC

Maryum Chaudhry is the General Manager, Islamic Museum of Australia. She believes education is our greatest asset to creative positive societal changes and meaningful connections. Proudly supported by: Dialogue Over Dinner