tour group on mosque open day We have a range of FREE activities including: Guided Tours: 10am, 12pm and 3pm Meet and Greet Bachar Houli, Richmond Football Club: 1 - 2pm Ramadan Lecture by Munir Abdella, National Zakat Foundation: 11am Kids Activity - Build Your Own Mosque: 11am - 2pm Book Reading: Aneesa and Jamal go to Masjid: 2pm Immerse yourselves in our galleries, check out our visiting exhibition, or participate in one of our fun, free activities, there's something for everyone at IMA on Victorian Open Mosque Day.

Ramadan lecture:

A special month in the Muslim calendar. There are five basic pillars of Islam and Ramadan is the fourth pillar, without which faith in Islam is incomplete. Ramadan is the month of fasting and only Muslims practice it as it is part of their life and religion. Every year, millions of Muslims fast together for an entire month, a practice that has been happening for over 1500 years. Why do Muslims fast? It’s to discipline the mind and body, while learning to be grateful and selfless by putting themselves in the shoes of people who can’t afford food.
Join us as we discuss what Ramadan is, its purpose and what it consists of and the etiquette one should observe during Ramadan, as either a Muslim or non Muslim, with special guest speaker Munir Abdella from the National Zakat Foundation

Hassan and Aneesa go to Masjid Book Reading

Join the IMA team, Hassan and Aneesa on a journey to the masjid, which is what Muslims call a mosque. They will explore what Muslims do in a mosque, the rituals and the fundamental concepts in Islam. At the Masjid they will make wudu (ablution), visit the prayer hall, listen to the adhan (call to prayer) and perform a prayer. Follow them as they get ready and explore the mosque. Afterwards, have fun creating and constructing your own mosque. Go crazy decorating it with all your creativity and enthusiasm!
Museum entry will be FREE on this day. A sausage sizzle (gold coin donation) will be held in the car park of the Museum.
This is a free event, but a gold coin donation would be greatly appreciated to assist us in continuing to offer these activities.