Session Dates:
  1. 13/07/2019
  2. 20/07/2019
  3. 27/07/2019
  4. 03/08/2019
Through mindful wellbeing, we become better able to cope with feelings of overwhelm, dissociation, obsessive thinking and perceptual busy-ness. It’s a path to success. Furthermore, it improves physical & mental well-being, calm, attention and focus.

Most importantly, as humans we need to move. Not just for physical fitness but also for good cognitive health. That is to say, we have evolved to learn while in motion. Consequently, studies and current cognitive research supports physical exercise boosts brain power.

Outcomes include:
  • Increasing awareness within the body and surroundings, including positive engagement with peers.
  • Empowerment through learning breathing and relaxation techniques that can assist regulating emotions.
  • Increase physical strength and flexibility, supporting healthy posture through movement.
  • Acknowledging self-worth and cultivating self-acceptance.
  • Calming the mind and body when going through difficulty.
Each session will focus on various practices in being Mindful through breathing exercises, movement, relaxation and reflective conversations.

The program is run weekly every Saturday for 4 weeks. Each session will run between 60-75 minutes.

At the end of the session, enjoy a bowl of healthy goodness of muesli.

It’s time to nurture a calm and healthier you!

About the instructor

In 2009 Aly found a safe platform on the Yoga mat. She could explore the state of suffering she had been feeling following the death of her husband and of sole parenting. Yoga encouraged her to simply sit with her grief and to learn to love, heal and accept her wounds. As well as to nurture and strengthen the body and the wounded emotional being within.

The thirst to know more saw Aly attend several courses & workshops over the years. Always looking for new and exciting ways to be inspired and to inspire her students. Actively attending workshops enriched her yoga journey with internationally recognised teachers like Donna Farhi, Nicky Knoff and Simon Borg- Olivier.