Make maamoul cookies for Eid!

The end of Ramadan is the perfect time to make maamoul cookies in anticipation for Eid ul-Fitr.

Eid ul-Fitr, meaning Festival of Breaking the Fast, falls at the end of Ramadan. It is celebrated by millions of Muslims around the world.

This celebration marks the end of Ramadan; the most holy month in the Islamic calendar. It is a time of prayer, reflection, charity, and fasting from dawn to dusk.

Muslims celebrate Eid-ul Fitr in many different ways according to social and cultural traditions. However, food is a central role in many of these celebrations.

Join Wafa Fahour in this cooking masterclass at the IMA. Watch and learn from Wafa as she demonstrates how to make maamoul; a smooth Arabian cookie. Wafa will be making two types of maamoul: some filled with pistachios, and some filled with and dates. These delicious treats are popular across the Middle East, including Lebanon, Palestine, Syria and Jordan.

All participants will take two maamoul cookies home.

Please note this dish may contain traces of nuts and egg.

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