What do stars feel like? Where do they go during the day? Can we sing to them to make them brighter? Lullabies under the stars is an interactive program promoting the use of different lullabies from different countries. As a result of combining live and recorded music, narrative, projection and animation for small children, it gives parents a different perspective to the bed time routine. This program will include traditional Arabic and Indigenous songs, spreading awareness of Aboriginal oral traditions and history. Sit back and relax to the sweet tune of beautiful lullabies for young children and parents. This program is influenced by the relationship between the people of Sulawesi and Aboriginal communities in the northern shores of the Australian coast dating back to the 17th century. In bringing the two beautiful traditions together we receive a soothing sound that soothes both young children and their parents. Join us  in this interactive program, making it perfect for mums and their bubs!