Join us for a lantern making workshop!
Join us for a lantern making workshop in partnership with RISING. RISING is a brand new cultural event. It is a festival of art, music and ceremony in the heart of Melbourne. For 12 nights, the city will be re-energised with public art, performance and music. Above all, RISING will use the city as a stage to showcase the state's extraordinary arts and culture. RISING is led by co-artistic director Hannah Fox (Dark Mofo) and Gideon Obarzanek (Chunky Move, Melbourne Festival and AsiaTOPA). They have outlined their vision for the festival to help "re-stitch Australia’s cultural landscape". As part of the festival, we're looking for anyone with any background to join us in making lanterns for the RISING event in May 2021. We need diverse communities from across the city to lend us their skills and experience, and to help us bring this program to life. We're looking for artists, cultural groups, builders, teachers, and people who have never made art before. Talented Australian Muslim artist Nadir Abdella will guide all participants in this workshop. If you love art and want to be part of a collaborative arts experience, this lantern making workshop is the perfect program for you! This program is supported by: Click here to see more of our upcoming events.