Book your kids into our Kaat-i Bundle! They will complete paper-art themed activities. Teach your kids how to create art from materials as simple as paper and scissors to explore their creativity. As inspired by its name, Kaat-i (paper cutting), use paper to create art and decorate your books. Similar to the art of papercutting in China, Japan and India. Book your kids in today!

Snowflake Ballerina

  Snowflake Ballerina is a crafty activity for children to take part in during school holidays, rather than watching them sitting at home immersed in gaming or technology. Dating back to the second century CE, the art of paper cutting began in China and later spread to other parts of the world. Add a bit of style to your home with these little, glittery snowflake ballerinas. ballerina Kaat-i Bundle

Did you know?

Stephanie Kurlow, a 17 year old Australian is known as the world's first hijabi ballerina. Stephanie aspired to become a ballerina since she was two. After reverting to Islam, she found it difficult to fulfill her dreams while wearing the hijab. After a short hiatus and with her family's support, she continued. She has been awarded scholarships and has trained in Europe and now hopes to become the first hijabi to dance with a professional ballet company. Learn more about Stephanie in our Notable Muslims display. Go Stephanie! Let Stephanie be the inspiration for your own snowflake ballerina. ballerina Kaat-i Bundle
Above: The world's first hijabi ballerina, Stephanie Kurlow.

Papercutting Workshop

  Use simple materials to create masterpieces! Inspired by Kaat'i, an art that requires lots of patience and a steady hand. A great way to get kids focused and busy these school holidays. Join us in creating our own papercutting art using colourful paper and scissors! Learn tricks and tips to create mandalas and snowflakes!
Above: The Doors of Heaven (Baab Al-Dhikr) by Tusif Ahmad
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