What does Islamic leadership mean?
How can we inspire, develop and connect outstanding Islamic leaders?
How do you balance striving for excellence in both your professional and spiritual life?
How can Islamic leadership be innovative and disruptive to the leadership pyramid approach?

Join us for a stimulating and insightful discussion exploring exactly what it means to be an Islamic leader in today’s rapidly evolving world. Our special guest speaker Sami Yalavac, Chief Information Officer at Bupa Australia & New Zealand will share his insights and call us to take action and spark change as forward-thinking leaders in our own communities.

 Sami Yalavac
Chief Information Officer for Bupa Australia & New Zealand

Careers Crash Course is a four-part series seeking to equip culturally and linguistically diverse communities with relevant skills to achieve success in their careers.  

Proudly co-hosted by IMA in partnership with MPA, this series is supported by the Inner North Community Foundation.