Eid Al-Adha (Celebration of Sacrifice) is almost here! In celebrating this festival, Muslims commemorate the trails of Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham). His willingness to make sacrifices to stay on the straight path and obedience to Allah (God). Muslims around the world celebrate by sacrificing a sheep (alternatively cow or goat) and divide it into three parts:
  1. For the poor
  2. For the home
  3. Shared with family and friends.
This tradition is also a rite of Hajj (pilgrimage), however, pilgrims are forbidden to eat from their sacrifice, it is used to feed the poor. Bring your kids to the workshop to be a part of the global celebration. Kids use sequins and paint to decorate each letter, then weave them together and take them home to share! Come and join us to spread the positivity of Eid and most of all, to have fun! Entry by gold coin donation.