Clocks are one of the world’s oldest inventions, some of the oldest clocks date back 5500 years ago. One of the greatest thinkers of the Islamic world, Al-Jazari created the castle clock of 1206. Powered by water, the clock indicates the time of day, moon phases and robots would play instruments every hour.

A water clock was an ancient way to tell time with the natural resources that were available to them. It is similar to the structure of an hourglass or a sundial.

Let's delve into the minds of the ancients and explore their fascination with mechanics and create our own water clocks!

We will be using containers to create our own mini water clocks. We will measure and mark every 5 minutes for an hour on our clocks to measure the amount of water that flows from one container to the next. After we measure the time, we will then decorate our clocks to take home and show our families!

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