Ever wonder what it is like digging for treasure? Have you ever dreamed of becoming an archaeologist? Wondered what they do on site and what they discover? In celebrating National Archaeology Week at the Islamic Museum, we will be digging for treasure! Search for clues and evidence in different sections of the dig site. First of all we will be searching and discovering evidence of the Indigenous Australian trade in the 17th century. Another section is the Levant, from Southern Turkey down to the Northern areas of Egypt. We will discover the lifestyles of the past from coins, jewellery and other amazing gadgets from the past! After a long day of digging and discovering, take home your treasures to share with your friends and family. For this program bring your boots and some old clothes, like a true archaeologist on site! Join us at the museum in digging for treasure and explore the hidden past of Australia and the Middle East! Check out our other National Archaeology Week activities here.