Learn to transfer your big, imaginative stories onto paper with Huda Hayek!
Creative writing brings our inner thoughts and imaginations to life. When we write creatively, we take inspiration from what we live, see, feel and hearing during our lives. Creative writing also improves our self-expression, communication skills, and enhances our ability to think more clearly and coherently. Join us in this creative writing workshop with Huda Hayek, author of Huda and Me. Huda will share all of her tips and tricks to write your own creative stories and bring your characters to life. In this creative writing workshop with Huda Hayek, you will:
  • Learn the key components of creative storytelling
  • Grasp the use of imagery to describe story settings, characters and more
  • Improve your writing skills
About Huda Hayek H. Hayek is the second-youngest of seven children born to Lebanese-Australian parents. She was born in Adelaide, grew up in Perth, and now lives in Melbourne. She struggled with reading and writing throughout her early years at school, but knew from the time she was a little girl that she wanted to work with words. After completing a degree in Mass Communication (Journalism and Public Relations), she went on to graduate with a degree in Teaching. Huda has worked as a primary school teacher in Melbourne's west, and as a journalist. Above all, writing stories involving unique kids with unique backgrounds has been her passion. H. Hayek enjoys exploring themes of identity - what it means to be Australian, Muslim and Lebanese. She also likes being a little bit mischevious. Her characters are normal Aussie kids, with layers of religion, culture and family. 'It just is - it's our truth', she says. She wrote Huda and Me for all the kids out there who would love to read about people just like them: the ones who eat falafel rolls for lunch, whose parents have Middle Eastern accents, and who - just like all kids - are strong, funny and courageous. She hopes her readers will embrace their differences, and see how it can lead them to incredible things. Copies of Huda and Me will be available for purchase through the Museum on the day. Check out more of our upcoming events here.