We are all in need of a little art therapy nowadays! Though it can be intimidating when you're so mesmerised by beautiful artwork and talented artists, however, now there is no need! That is to say we're making it easier for you to make your own masterpiece. Join us for a creative watercolours class with artist Beray Uzunbay and learn the basics of the art. During the session she will guide you step by step to explore your hidden creativity. This class is for artists of all levels from beginner to experienced. Above all, confidence and a love for the art makes the experience all the more enjoyable.

For this class you will need:
  • Watercolour in palettes
  • Watercolour paper
  • Soft brushes
  • Water in containers
  • Black fine liner
You can find all materials at Officeworks, Eckersley's and Zart Art.

This Creative Watercolours class is inspired by Journeying to the Soul, a Ramadan exhibition.

creative watercolours

About the artist

Beray is a post-impressionist artist who explores emotions and social issues through her landscape paintings. She teaches art within the community, exhibits her work and frequently sells her art at The Brunswick Artist Market and on Etsy.