Calling all coffee enthusiasts - join us for Coffee Around the World! We're hosting an exciting event about Australia's most loved (and compulsory) drink - coffee! Although our love for coffee is unmatched, most of us are not familiar with the history of this exotic drink. Fifteenth-century Arabs were the first to cultivate coffee. Later, it spread all the way from the Middle East to Europe, including the Australian coffee capital, Melbourne. Coffee has become a fundamental component of contemporary society in Australia, though few know where it began and who discovered it. As varied and delicious as these drinks can get around the world, it’s one thing that unites individuals. No matter where we are, we can always depend on it for late night cramming and bringing us back from the dead every morning. Take a caffeine induced journey of discovery, from its beginnings to its unique tastes and flavours around the world. Try out our Turkish coffee also known as ‘Kahve’ or our Moroccan coffee called 'nous-nous’. Don't forget our Saudi Arabian coffee called ‘al-Qahwa' and so many more! Did you know we have a small history section on coffee in one of our galleries?