Bubbles are fun to blow, chase and play with. Join us by making monstrous bubbles that can fit an entire person, even an entire car! Blow bubbles in every colour and shape. Shine a light under the bubbles and look at the rainbow colours you see, you can even make glow in the dark bubbles. Make your sticky, gross slime, choose your colour then add your fillers…. Cool chemical science! Slime is non-toxic and will not stain, and the children can take their slime home and a bottle of their bubble solution. I challenge you all to try make the largest, most long lasting bubble & the most ooey-gooey slime!

Admission Rules

Rating / Age Limit
  1. No child minding service available.
  2. All children under 12 years old must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Should parent/guardians wish to walk around the Museum and enjoy our exhibitions, a ticket must be purchased.
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