Design a mandala unique to your tastes.

It's no secret that we love intricate patterns here at the IMA. With their beautifully shaped floral designs, a common theme in Islamic art. Join us in designing your own mandala online from the comfort of your home. Join Somaya, and create your own artwork inspired by nature and your own creativity.

With its origins in Eastern religions of Hinduism, Buddhism and others, mandala art is a map of the universe. In addition to this, mandala art in Islam combines geometric arrangements and cultural motifs symbolising their connections with Allah (God). The mosque grounds include mandalas, similarly to Eastern religions, the circle represents Allah and everything within it represents His beauty, His creations and the infinite nature of the universe.

  • Master the basics of drawing mandalas.
  • Learn the different tools needed to draw a mandala, and how to use them.
  • Discover the different types of mandalas.
  • Explore various examples of mandalas in Islamic art.

This program is perfect for beginners in mandala art-making. Join in with your friends and family and make memories to last a lifetime. Participants are welcome to take home their masterpieces, add them to your gallery at home.

image of a person drawing their own mandala art piece