Make your own tasbih!

Tasbih, also known as prayer beads, are a form of dhikr (remembrance).

Muslims use tasbih when reciting the 99 names of Allah (God) through repeated prayers. Traditionally, after each prayer, Muslims glorify God with three phrases. These three phrases are repeated 33 times each.

Tasbih can be made with 33, 66 or 99 beads. The beads helps Muslims to keep count of how many prayers they've made. Tasbih also feature a tassel representing the start or end of dhikr.

DID YOU KNOW? The world's largest tasbih was made in Bangladesh. In 2019, a local Muslim craftsman created a custom tasbih with 167,500 beads, weighing 67.5kg and measuring 1.3 kilometres in length!

Although we don't have the space to make such a large tasbih, you're still invited to join us these school holidays and make your own mini tasbih.

In this workshop, you'll craft your own tasbih with 33 beads complete with a tassel. Make your tasbih as unique as you by using beads in the shapes, sizes and colours of your choice.

Keep your tasbih for your own dhikr, or gift it to a friend.

Please note this workshop is held in Adelaide, South Australia at the Al Salam Community Centre.

This workshop is presented in partnership with ISSA - Islamic Society of South Australia.

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