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Over the past four years the Islamic Museum of Australia have been recognised by, and built partnerships with, Australian and international  communities for their work in the cultural and religious education space. Most recently the IMA won best Temporary or Travelling Exhibition at the Museums Galleries Australia 2018 MAGNA awards for Between Inscription & Gesture.

This award winning exhibition sort new access points to high calligraphic culture by probing the intersection of tags with traditional Asian and Islamic calligraphy. The exhibition is also nominated for the Victorian awards, as well as being part of Multicultural Museums Victoria’s nomination for the ‘Grandmothers’ project.

Leading up to the exhibition, the Islamic Museum of Australia was awarded a National Youth Week grant from the Department of Health and Human services to facilitate a graffiti style mural project. The project was run by two well-known graffiti artists who oversaw the creation of a mural by participating high school students. Muslim students from low-income suburbs including Broadmeadows, Coolaroo and Glenroy participated in the project, which served as valuable foundation work for the exhibition, bringing both artists and audience members into the overall sphere of the exhibition’s creation.


IMA hosts over 10,000 school students a year as part of its educational outreach strategy. Students participating in the IMA arts package were invited to complete additional tasks in the exhibition space to increase reflection and learning including:

  • Choosing an exhibit and explaining why it was their favourite
  • Comparing and contrasting the style and techniques of two artworks in the gallery space
  • Discussing the ethics of graffiti in public spaces and debating alternative venues to legally display street art
  • Writing their own tag and creatively choosing their own ‘Nom de plume’ 

In addition to these travelling exhibitions the IMA host five permanent galleries — Islamic Faith, Islamic Contributions to Civilisation, Art, Architecture and Australian Muslim History — the Museum fosters a more nuanced and realistic understanding of what it means to be an Australian Muslim. The IMA facilitates space for critical reflection and personal interpretation — in the act of sharing, common myths and prejudices are dispelled and mutual understanding is established.

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