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Islamic Faith

Islamic Faith

Islam, which means submission, is a word derived from the Arabic word Salam

Islam, which means submission, is a word derived from the Arabic word salam, or peace, implying contentment with God and all His creations. It is an Abrahamic religion that stresses absolute surrender to the one true God, known in Arabic as Allah.

In this Gallery, guests are invited to traverse along the timeline of Prophet Muhammad’s (ﷺ) life and the inception of Islam. Visitors will gain an understanding of the pillars, morals and teachings underpinning the Islamic faith, communicated through Quranic quotes, videos, interviews and textiles. Collection highlights include a Quran which is nearly 200 years old, and fragments of a sacred kiswa cloth from Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

Another part of the Gallery explores topical issues in Islam. These include the role of women, marriage, social justice and more.

In this room, visitors are encouraged to reflect on their own values and spirituality. Their passage through the exhibition parallels a beautiful billabong which can be seen through the tall glass windows in the Gallery, inspiring a tranquil and meditative ambience.

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