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Australian Muslim History

Australian Muslim History

Muslim fisherman from Makassar in Southern Sulawesi, Indonesia made annual visits to Australia from at least the 17th century CE

Uncover an unknown part of Australian history in this fascinating and interactive Gallery.

Visitors will be amazed as they trace the intercultural exchange between Makassan fisherman and Northern Australian Indigenous communities before European settlement in 1788 CE. Another section of the exhibition pays homage to the Afghan cameleers, highlighting their important contributions to our country’s infrastructure and economy.

Guests are invited to learn more about the Muslims within their local communities as they recount their migration stories through videos, text panels and personal effects. Visitors will also recognise many familiar faces from sport, business, government and the arts in the final inspiring display which celebrates the achievements of notable Australian Muslims.

Photography by Tania Jovanovic. Exhibition design and multimedia production by Arterial Design.

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