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Cultural Awareness

Cultural Awareness

Our cultural awareness program ensures that your team is equipped to promote cultural competence and leadership skills within your organization.

We offer a range of interactive cultural awareness training modules for all types of organisations, including:

  • schools & other education institutions
  • corporate companies
  • small business
  • not for profit organisations
  • Government departments.

Our training modules include pre-recorded and live options to enhance your business, empowering teams with the knowledge and understanding to work with Muslims through cultural relativism.

Our modules are delivered by industry experts with a strong foundation in understanding the role of Muslims and Islam in Australia, similarities and differences in behaviours, attitudes, values and requirements in a professional context, as well as how your organisation can use this information to promote diversity, intercultural awareness and understanding.

Each module was developed according to our most sought after topics including Islam 101 and women in Islam. Speak to us or fill in the form below to start or continue your cultural awareness journey. We can also discuss a bespoke training module if you have more specific needs.

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2 hours

The standard Cultural Awareness online training program includes a presentation delivered by the IMA’s Director of Education and Community Engagement, Sherene Hassan OAM, covering the fundamentals of Islam, demographics and debunking stereotypes. This is followed by a group brainstorming exercise.
Finally, we examine cultural and religious needs of Muslims, service barriers in the workplace and creating a more inclusive workplace.


Sherene has been involved in intercultural dialogue since 2001 and is passionate about building bridges with the wider community. To date she has conducted over 1000 information sessions on Islam to diverse audiences ranging from the Flying Fruit Fly Circus School to the Australian Federal Police.





Sherene Hassan OAM

Director of Education & Community Engagement

Islamic Museum of Australia


1.5 hours

Moustafa discusses the fundamentals of working in the Middle East and cover topics including where to work and what industries are in demand, cultural and religious understanding and negotiating in the corporate workplace. He himself worked in the UAE for five years and offers fascinating insights into his experience.


Moustafa Fahour OAM is the founder of Islamic Museum of Australia and was formerly the CEO and Managing Director of one of the leading diversified international contractors in the Middle East, based in Dubai. He has over 15 years of experience in the banking industry, construction, management and has held senior roles with CIMIC Group, Macquarie Bank, National Australia Bank, UBS and Citigroup.





Moustafa Fahour OAM

Founder & Director 

Islamic Museum of Australia


2 hours (pre-recorded only)

Acclaimed author, media personality and academic Dr Susan Carland will explore the status of women in Islam  through a historical lens as well as the challenges facing Muslim women in  contemporary society. This fascinating session will provide valuable insights into one of the most misunderstood topics surrounding Islam.


Susan is an academic, writer and social commentator. She has a PhD from Monash University , where she is now the Director of the Bachelor of Global Studies. She was awarded the 2019 Churchill Fellowship to explore practical strategies for countering Islamophobia.

Dr Susan Carland

Academic, Writer

Social commentator


1.5 hours

In this workshop, Emotional Intelligence coach, Maysaa Fahour discusses one of the seven core human needs – certainty, so when uncertainty happens, anxiety and fear become evident. This workshop is based on understanding a key to success in life – Emotional Intelligence. EQ is the ability to recognise, interpret and control your emotions. The workshop is tailored around choosing fact over thought and how individuals can tap in to their EQ to navigate issues including Islamophobia and racism.


Maysaa is the co-founder of the Islamic Museum of Australia and is a mum to four beautiful children. She worked as a primary school teacher and has since become passionate about emotional intelligence. Maysaa is a neuro linguistic programming (NLP) practitioner, eDISC Behaviour Profiler, Parent Mentor while studying to be a Master Coach. Maysaa loves working with parents and instilling in them ways to raise emotionally intelligent children.

Maysaa Fahour

Emotional Intelligence Coach


10 minutes (pre-recorded only)

Nasya discusses the depiction of Muslims in the media and the influence of a range of media in shaping identities and attitudes to diversity.


Nasya Bahfen was born in Jakarta and grew up in Melbourne, she graduated with a BA in journalism from RMIT’s prestigious media and communications school and a first class honours degree from La Trobe. She has worked as a journalist and academic in Australia, Singapore and New York, and was previously a reporter and producer with the ABC and SBS before completing a PhD in sociology at UTS.

Dr Naysa Bahfen

Journalism Researcher and Educator

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