Tuesday 1st December 2020 COVID-19 Response


Collecting Covid-19: Through the lens of Australian Muslims.

Islam in Australia during the time of a global pandemic.

As a Museum, a big part of what we do revolves around sharing historical events with an Islamic or Muslim context. We share the story of Abas Ibn Firnass, who in the 9th century was the first man – and a Muslim – to succeed at human flight, just like we share the story of the Afghan cameleers who were shipped out to help navigate the desolate interior of Australia in the 1800’s.

But we also know what happens today, in contemporary Australia will be tomorrow’s history. What our daily lives look like and how we practice our faith during the time of a global pandemic, in years to come will be the subject of discussion in the classroom and at the dinner table.

That’s why we’re collecting and conserving stories of the Australian-Muslim-covid-19 experience.

We’re asking Australian Muslims to tell us how you’ve coped and how you’ve thrived during this time. We want to know, collect and archive what Ramadan and Eid looks like in 2020 through your eyes and in your words. Send us photos of Eid al Adha 2020 prayers and celebrations at home along with photos from 2019. If you’re a Year 11 or 12 student, we’d love to hear how you’re managing this year – please drop us a line or send a video. Working from home? How’s your office set-up? Many of us are working from our dining rooms or a corner of the bedroom, we’d love to document all of this!  Are you home schooling your kids? How are you managing? How have you enabled your children to learn and thrive in the absence of in-person Qur’an and Islamic classes. We want to know about the challenges and the unexpected gains (like spending more time with close family) that have arisen with Covid-19.

We’re gathering stories and images for the IMA archives and we’d love to hear from you. Please share your covid-19 stories with us in writing, verbally and via video or send us photographs, artwork or objects to help us document life during the Covid-19 global pandemic.

Please submit your material by 30 August 2020
Material specifications

Photographs can be taken by a digital camera or a smart device and uploaded via the submission form.

Acceptable formats: png, gif or jpg

Resolution: Ideally 300dpi (dots per inch) but no less than 150dpi.

Layout mode: landscape or portrait-It can be in landscape or portrait mode.

Colour: colour or blck and white photographs are both acceptable.



Videos can also be taken by digital camera or smart device and uploaded via the submission form.

Acceptable formats: MP4, avi

Aspect ratio: 16:9 is preferable

Audio: Must be of high quality sound without unnecessary background noise or echo



Only photographs of visual art pieces can be submitted. The artwork would need to be visual such as traditional painting or illustrations on canvas or board, screen print, textiles or digital art.  Please do not submit a physical piece, please submit a photograph of the work only.



Please submit no more than 500-1000 words as a word document or PDF.

Submission form

Collecting Covid 19

    Should the Museum develop content for online or offline display, please do not publish my name.
  • Please tell us who you are, your age (if you don't mind disclosing) and a little bit about your covid-19 experience.
  • For written work, photographs, video content or artwork, please tell us the date of creation, capture or completion.
  • For written work, photographs, video content or artwork, please tell us about the work and what it represent or means to you.
  • For objects, please take a photograph of the object and upload below (please do not send a physical object to the Museum) and tell us about the object - for example: what is it, what was it used for, how is it unique to your covid-19 experience.
  • Drop files here or
    Images must be a minimum 150dpi
For more information about this project, please contact IMA curator, Dr Mahmoud Mohammed: mahmoud.mohammed@islamicmuseum.org.au

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